The National Youth Football Organization (NYFO) is an international governing body for youth and amateur American Football. The NYFO RALEIGH establishes consistent rules, regulations, operating procedures, code of conduct and sanctions: 7on7: 7v7 football, and The Big 5 Lineman Game to include: league play, tournaments, competitions, and position specific training.

The NYFO RALEIGH is dedicated to Diversity and Inclusion as it pertains to athletes and coaches and forges strategic partnerships to assure every athlete has opportunities to participate

NYFO RALEIGH provides student-athletes enjoyable (non-contact) opportunities to play football year round while focusing on: fundamentals, game & position specific knowledge, safety, leadership, and character development through participation and competition.

NYFO RALEIGH provides former NFL players and seasoned coaches the opportunity for “Life after the League”, by providing them their own business and equipping them with the business acumen, tools & resources, and encouragement they need to help them be successful.

  • NYFO serves as an asset and advocate for local High School Teams. NYFO encourages and assists youth and middle school programs to become/continue to be a "feeder program" to its local High School(s). As well, NYFO forges relationships with NCAA programs, NFL and other professional football programs/affiliates to advocate their involvement and investment in our local High School Football Programs. NYFO does not conduct, promote, or encourage league play, camps, training, etc that conflict with a High School Coaches time with his players.