Why 7on7?

Coaches at all levels – from middle school to high school – support 7on7 because it provides an opportunity to develop skills, improve conditioning and foster team chemistry in a competitive environment. Players enjoy the fast pace and the ability to play competitive football year-round.

7on7 vs Flag?

7on7 is a pass intensive league that reinforces solid football fundamentals for developing players. The rules of play, offensive and defensive formations, and play calling are the exact same as 11 man football; just without the lineman. However, NYFO RALEIGH has added “The Big 5” & “Linemen Challenge” to include linemen.

There is a place for flag, but the rules of play, and structure doesn’t transition into 11 man football nearly as well as 7on7. Flag football can also encourage poor habits such as spinning to avoid tackles or decelerating when trying to make a “tackle” and putting your head down to find the flag. Each of these areas, are major concerns for the NYFO RALEIGH as we feel this promotes unsafe practices that can lead to injury. Most coaches then find themselves spending time in fall practices trying to break players of these bad habits.

The NYFO RALEIGH supports any and all organizations that participate in any aspect of the game, as long as safety and fundamentals are properly enforced. Our leagues, camps, and training exist to ultimately transition better, safer, and more fundamentally sound and more knowledgeable players to their next level so we can ultimately enhance the sport from youth through the NFL.

What is “Non-Contact”?

For parents, “non-contact” can be translated into “one-hand touch”. Without the distraction of full-contact, players can focus on fundamentals. With so much negative media attention given to concussions and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), 7on7 offers parents a safer alternative for kids wanting to play football.

What Ages Can Play?

7on7 offers five (5) different age groups to allow players of various experience levels to enjoy spring football. Age groups include 8U (8 years old and under), 10U, 13U, 15U and 18U.

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What To Expect In League Play

  • 2-3 Weeks of Practices and Instruction
  • 6-8 Weeks of Games
  • 2-3 Times A Week Practice
  • Instruction from amazing coaches!
  • Athletes Are Required To Wear Mouth Guards

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Competition & Rules

High school coaches and teams can expect professionally run competitions where teams will compete in an appropriate number of games.


Carolina Classic 7 on 7 Jamboree

Raleigh, NC | April 15th

Carolina City Classic – 7on7 Tournament

Raleigh, NC | Date TBD

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